Public data portal with API interface

Give added value to your data. Let developers to use them in real time and without any restrictions.

Meet all requirements

Country laws

Through the data portal you can share any data that is legally mandatory.

EU Directive

API for high-value datasets in minutes with the whole infrastructure.

Open data

All requirements for providing Open and Smart city data are easy to meet with us.

In a short time, Apitalks has enabled us to automate the publication of data that we would find very difficult for ourselves to reach our citizens. In addition, the whole process was very nice, especially because I felt all the time that I was communicating with my colleagues. I will definitely return to Apitalks with other datasets soon.

Vladimír Šuvarina
Representative - Prague 6, Czechia

How it works?

We will process, describe and publish any data in any format. No extra work on your side.

With us you have everything in one

Greater reach

Share your data with developers and reach people across the web.

Easy to use

A sophisticated developer interface is our specialty. With us you can get it very easily.

Correct interpretation

The metadata that allows you to fill out our documentation will make it easier to understand your data

Availability guarantee

Your data will be available 24 hours a day, with no downtime. As developers expect

Usage analytics

Keep track of the most valuable datasets

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