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Create new business opportunities by sharing and using data without any worries. With Apitalks, you can deliver and manage APIs in a matter of minutes.

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Discover what can Apitalks do for you

No need for IT technicians

Public, Partner or Private APIs

Control who accesses your data using different API settings Apitalks provides - from free for all to only the chosen users.

Save time

Provide modern access

Provide easy access to your data and great developer experience over REST API. Expect support of GraphQL very soon!

Build a Smart city

New revenue streams

Monetize the data you share by building custom APIs and create new revenue streams.

Data security

Reach new markets

Partner with external organizations and expand your reach to new customer segments and markets.

Advanced analytics

Understand and improve the value of your data and services through our API analytics.

Do you want to reach new customers with API?

Apitalks can benefit everyone

Choosing Apitalks gives you option to build personalized API Store on a custom domain and to publish your data to partners and third parties. It is up to you whether your data will be free for anyone, accessible after registration or only to a few chosen ones. All your partners can be sure that what you provide will be online 99.9% of time. By building API Store, your organization can reach new markets and start up a growth engine or just put data into more use! Public organizations will be very pleased by absolute compliance with PSI and open data Directive.

How to simply create your API Store with Apitalks?


Upload your data

We'll guide you through the registration process and help you create an organization for which you will upload data. Then you can easily upload your data sets using a file or web link.

Upload your data

Describe your data set

Once we load your data, you can keep adding more information to it. You'll always be in control of what you want to publish or not.

Describe your data set

Share your data

After you publish the data, your chosen users will access it through the API Store. Whether it is only your business partner or a public. The API documentation and other important information are generated automatically.

Share your data

Come, and check our API Store!

We build high value APIs. Try their documentation and give as feedback on your Developer Experience.

See what is new in API economy

You might be wondering why we founded Apitalks and what was the impulse behind this decision. They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that was exactly the case.

Got a legacy system and need to extract data from it for further processing? With Apitalks connected to Zapier, it's a piece of cake. You won't need an IT guy for it.

European Union is working hard to make public sector information held by its Member States easily accessible to everyone. We will try to explain how they are trying to achieve this.

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