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Easy to use API platform, which will help you to empower innovation of your business.

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Discover what can Apitalks do for you

No need for IT technicians

API Design

Let us know your ideal scenario and we will design any API for your company data.

Save time

Controlled access

Control who can access your APIs. If it is only for private usage or for external customers.

Build a Smart city

Always available

Cloud-based solution with 99% reliability and real-time monitoring of every API.

Data security

Advanced analytics

Understand how customers are using your data and focus on what drives your business.

New revenue streams

Monetise new reached customers with Apitalks and become a digital leader on your market.

Are interested in private APIs?

Scale your business

Choosing Apitalks gives you option to build personalized APIs and empower digital transformation of your business. Cloud-based solution gives you free hands and enables to scale any of your ideas.

Connect any company software with real-time data. Use your company developer portal to easily use data across whole organization.

You don't lose anything by asking!

See what is new in API economy

You might be wondering why we founded Apitalks and what was the impulse behind this decision. They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that was exactly the case.

Got a legacy system and need to extract data from it for further processing? With Apitalks connected to Zapier, it's a piece of cake. You won't need an IT guy for it.

European Union is working hard to make public sector information held by its Member States easily accessible to everyone. We will try to explain how they are trying to achieve this.

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