Why is openness more than transparency?

You have probably heard about opening data in relation to the endeavours to innovate, build Smart Cities and improve information technology. The road to these innovations leads through obtaining data in a suitable format. At Apitalks, our mission is to simplify this path so that the desired destination can be reached much faster.

In places such as London, open data are being successfully used for the benefit of the public.

Thanks to open data, many applications have been created to make life easier for people in the city.

In this aspect, the Czech Republic is still behind the rest of the world. With a few exceptions, open data is used only to watch over and increase the transparency of public institutions and cities. That is not a bad thing - it's a move in the right direction. An overview of the use of money from the state budget is extremely important for the healthy functioning of the state.

This situation is not very motivating for mayors and directors of public institutions. They have enough work with their everyday agenda and don't have much time to manage open data. In addition, the work is also linked to GDPR, implementation into obsolete IT systems, staff capacity and much more.

Greater transparency, however, is not the main purpose of open data.

Open data has a number of other benefits. It can be a great source of information and a powerful tool for public institutions. They can improve the way institutions work and the quality of services they deliver. In order to leverage the full potential of opening data, we need to have data sets in a format suitable for further use in developing different applications.

At Apitalks we have created an easy-to-use platform that will help you seamlessly convert your data into API format that can be later used by developers. We are also deeply devoted to helping the cities and regions with opening their data.

If you see the benefits of opening data but are not sure how to approach the process, or you don't have enough time to do it, we will be more than happy to assist you with it.

Let us know.

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