What's my invoice status? A supplier is a customer too

Let your suppliers check their invoice status without the need to waste the time of your billing department. Simple and transparent process can be completed in a few days. Make your suppliers happy.

It is most likely that you provide your customers with an online access to download their invoices (if you don't, here's the way how to do it). But what about your suppliers? Can they check the status of their invoices online? How many suppliers’ questions does your billing department answer each month?

This is the case where ApiTalks platform can quickly help. Let us show you how.

Basic Invoice processing

*Basic Invoice Processing*

‍Let’s say all your invoices are stored in the ERP of your choice, going through an approval process, with several status stages such as received, approved, refused, etc.. But your ERP might not have an API, or even if it does, who wants to give a direct API access to the main financial application in the organisation? It's possible, but requires a complex IT projects from infrastructure perspective, security, data privacy, GDPR compliance, etc. We at ApiTalks team believe that getting the data out of the building should be simple and straightforward job.

Let’s see, what would be the process of creating a data API for supplier invoices using our ApiTalks platform

  • We are starting with a CSV export, as it is format every ERP should be able to provide.
  • Send the CSV export to ApiTalks platform and we build full API experience around the data
  • Develop the supplier facing web page, connected to you fresh data API built by ApiTalks. It does not have to a fancy or complex application. We are aiming for simple, but smart service, so single web page is totally enough. As an example, check what kind of simplicity which Google is using. If you don’t have a team of developers, we recommend using low code platforms like Bubble.is
  • Voila! Suppliers can check status of their invoices anytime they want, without interrupting your billing team.
  • Need to update the data set? Send us a new CSV file with the same structure and the ApiTalks will update your data instantly. In case of invoices, new updated CSV every 2-3 business days is usually fine, but it can as frequent as every hour.

*Google Invoice Search Tool*

We call it smart innovation. It is simple, done in days, without investing in complex IT projects.

Supplier is happy, you are happy, your boss is happy

Disclaimer: Google is not using any of ApiTalks.com services nor products. Reference to their GIST tool is purely as an example of simple search invoice tool for suppliers.