Necessity is the mother of invention or how Apitalks was born

You might be wondering why we founded Apitalks and what was the impulse behind this decision. They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that was exactly the case.

We were working on a project for a car reseller who wanted to launch a new product on the market. We were helping them build an application which was the core of their product. To make the application work we needed data. So we asked for it. The client said: “No problem, we will provide you with an API”.

We began working on the prototype before we had the access to the API. The closer we got to the launch of the prototype, the more nervous we got as there was no indication that the API would be ready in time. Certain security issues arose and resolving them was taking too long. We got stuck and the launch of the application was at risk.

The only way to extract the data we need was in the form of CSV file. The export from the system was being done manually and sent to us via e-mail daily. We needed a way to process the CSV files. So we came up with a solution that:

  • Checks the datasets format
  • Checks the size of the CSV - sometimes the export didn't go well and we received less amount of data than usual
  • Transfer CSV file to the API that we can use in the application.

Thanks to that we were able to launch the application much faster and we didn't have to wait for the technical infrastructure to be built on the side of the client.

This was the moment when we realized that there are more companies facing the same challenge. They need to extract the data in a short period of time without the need for complex technology.

We researched whether someone already invented a solution answering this need, but we didn't find anything. Then we conducted a detailed market research and interviewed Data Owners from different institutions. The outcomes of these interviews confirmed our hypothesis and proved that many other companies are faced with similar challenges and that we might have just found an answer for them.

Is this something your company is dealing with as well? Would you like to give Apitalks a try? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a message.