How to get the most out of hackathons with Apitalks

Do you want to organise a hackathon and get the best results from the coders? In this article, we will show you a simple trick on how to leverage the full potential of the event.

Among other benefits, Hackathons can be a great way to see the potential of your data and its benefits for private and public use. If you are planning to organise your own hackathon, the following article describes the best practices for such event in detail. How to run a successful Hackathon

The key to a successful hackathon is to have good datasets that developers can work with. But this might be tricky if you have a legacy system that can export data to CSV only and building an API is not an option for the hackathon purpose.

In practice, it means that developers will have to build a solution that will enable them to upload your data to the new application. It will probably take them around 2 hours to do that. They have to build the solution to upload data to their application and then parse it in order to use it.

The lack of API at hackathons might also lead to different outcomes. It is much easier to upload data to the analytics tools and build a high level overview of the data. There are less applications built from the scratch.

Imagine if you could spare the developers all this work. How much time would everyone be able to save? How much more focused would they be on the main aim of your hackathon - the development of the application? How much more effective and satisfactory for everybody would the event be?

Would you like to have a ready-to-go API for your Hackathon? Apitalks brings you a simple solution. With Apitalks, you can build your own API from the CSV files in a matter of seconds and open doors for the developers to build a better solution from your data.

If you would like to give Apitalks a try at your next Hackathon, leave us a message.