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From Open Data to Open API services

Make your city, region or government truly smart, by giving them access to open data through modern API experience.

Look around and you will see that the vast majority of open data sets are available as simple CSV files. No surprise, the CSV file format is a pretty common for data exchange. But today, developers have a need to access the data in the form of open services, not just by downloading a copy of the data set and doing a dirty work of parsing & validating CSV files.

At the same time, open data providers are seeking for the analytics of how their data sets are being used. They want to understand how popular is a particular data set; where is it being used; who uses it, etc. This analytics insights are crucial for all Chief (Open) Data Officers around the world.

Making Open Data more accessible in a modern way, was one of the main reasons why we are building the ApiTalks platform.

Let’s see how we can help.

  1. Open data are already available as CSV files
  2. Once you link the CSV files to ApiTalks platform, we will build a modern API experience around it including:
    Interactive documentation; API gateway; Developer Portal; Logging/Debugging; Usage Analytics; Authentication; API versioning; Scalable and secure data set cloud hosting
    … and many more features
  3. Developers can easily access Open Data API hosted by ApiTalks and start building applications and solutions, which enable citizens to see their city, region or country from the new perspective.
  4. Data set owner can see the analytics of how the data is used and based on that can improve quality of the data  

We believe that the region is just as smart, as intelligent are the ways it uses to share its knowledge.

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