Apitalks & Zapier, or how to connect systems without an IT guy

Got a legacy system and need to extract data from it for further processing? With Apitalks connected to Zapier, it's a piece of cake. You won't need an IT guy for it.

Nowadays, there are plenty of applications which can enrich data with additional analytics. For example, you can gain a new overview of your client’s behaviour, i.e. what kind of products they buy the most or which kind of advertisement works the best. Companies wanting to keep up with the latest trends don't necessarily have to move to entirely new information systems. They can instead keep using the proven system and send data from it to a specialised application.

The sticking point for older applications is that they do not support the newest technologies, so they cannot be used for further handling of the data. Moreover, the older systems are limited in the amount of data exported, which also complicates additional data processing.

How do you extract the data from older applications to help your business development?

Imagine you are the owner of an e-shop who needs to improve its analytics. You use a system which you launched 5 years ago that doesn't allow you to run complex analytics. You process data in spreadsheet editors. Sometimes your formatting breaks, data is inconsistent and formulas cease to work. You need a solution that will do the job without ruining your finances.

Most systems that offer deeper analytics require you to send data continuously through an API. If your system allows you to export data in CSV format, you are close to getting the analysis you need. All you need to do is to register at Apitalk, send your first data set to be transferred to the API and choose the preferred way of updating your data. You can send your data by email, upload it directly to our servers, or send us a link to where we can find your files. Within 48 hours, we will transfer your data to the API and we will perform updates in the requested time interval.

All you need now is to connect your data to the analytics tool or Zapier (instructions on how to add a new service to Zapier can be found on their official website. We can also provide the connection for you if needed.)

Create a connection to the selected analytics tool in Zapier and you can start improving your business based on the data from your clients.

‍*E-shop connected to analytics tools via Apitalks and Zapier*